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July 11 - August 7

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of low-income students earn a bachelor’s degree.


of high-income students earn a bachelor’s degree.

Low income students are six times more likely to drop out of high school.


Harrington Family Foundation / Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship

The Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarship is a renewable four-year collegiate scholarship program for Oregon high school seniors who are emerging leaders, and plan to attend an Oregon university or trade school. The program is intended to facilitate the growth of promising leaders in the state of Oregon by developing the skills needed to flourish their local communities. By helping to open doors in the business sector, these emerging leaders will remain planted and invested in the state of Oregon.

This is a need-based scholarship with criteria focusing on an individual’s involvement in his or her community, rather than academic or athletic performance.

Your donation will help to fund Oregon Community Quarterback Scholarships for local youth.

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